Inner Monologue


  • Guess It's Been Some Time

    In the rush of getting myself through the last semester at college, graduating, entering the real world, and finding a job. Well I guess this blog was just left behind, but that's what happens when life happens. You stop worrying about cataloguing it all, and just focus on living it. Who knows.

    Well it's been five months since I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. There are many who I have not spoken to since I got on a plane out of Pittsburgh on May 19th. I'm working full time as an art director, and have no real responsabilities to spend this income in. So I've thrown everything that I am into making some sweet art. 

    I emptied the garage and turned it into my studio. It's a place for painting, sewing, sculpting, crafting, photographing, and basically the perfect place for someone as all over the place as myself. I've been going very hard on the costume side as of late. A lot of people want them from me, and I've really been improving. So I guess I've got that going for me.

  • First Pieces

    So this is pretty revolutionary (in my own little world anyway).

    Tomorrow (tonight I guess) is the opening night for Dance/Light here at Carnegie Mellon. It's described as an " extravaganza of dance performance with lighting and costume design". There are 24 dance pieces in the show, and I designed the costumes for #9, We Carry On. I say this is revolutionary, because this is the first event of this nature that I've designed costumes for. Sure I 've designed for Greek Sing in the past, and make costumes all the time. But I'm just really excited to have my name in a program coming out of the School of Drama. 


  • Costuming Craze

    It looks like I'll be heading into a costuming frenzy these next few weeks. 

    Not that my life isn't usually a costuming frenzy, but, this will be a bit more extreme

    In January the Carnegie Mellon University Shcool of Drama will be hosting Dance Lights, a collaborative performance between the lighting department, costume department, and student choreographers. I somehow managed to worm myself into costume design classes this year, and was hence allowed to design for one of the performances. I'll be making the costumes for my piece over this holiday break, so that's 5 costumes to make. 

    I also picked up 3 commissions over the fall that I said I would construct over the break as well. 

    One month, 8 costumes? Bring it on. 

    I did go get the swatches today for my commission pieces though. It was a hectic adventure, but my swatch sheets are done. 

  • On A Fresh Start

    I haven't really written a blog entry in years.

    Not like, this is an old blog that's being brough back. But just, I haven't posted long declarations of my inner musings for some time.

    Mayebe this will do me some good. Who knows?

    All I do know is, I have one semester left at Carnegie Mellon University before I'm sent out into the "real world". And it's about time I figure out what my contribution to the world is to be. 

    I started making to-do lists this summer, they'd be taped to the side of my bed so I could keep track of how much work I was accomplishing. I'm not one for usually following a plan, but at least hacking things away with a thick black sharpie was motivation enough for me to continue working. 

    I got out of the habbit when I returned to CMU in August, maybe that's why I wasn't as productive as I had hoped. But being back home again, if only for a bit, made me want to get back into the swing of things. The new 6 pages were added last night, and are what I wish to accomplish before I return to Pittsburgh in January.