Inner Monologue

  • Guess It's Been Some Time

    In the rush of getting myself through the last semester at college, graduating, entering the real world, and finding a job. Well I guess this blog was just left behind, but that's what happens when life happens. You stop worrying about cataloguing it all, and just focus on living it. Who knows.

    Well it's been five months since I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. There are many who I have not spoken to since I got on a plane out of Pittsburgh on May 19th. I'm working full time as an art director, and have no real responsabilities to spend this income in. So I've thrown everything that I am into making some sweet art. 

    I emptied the garage and turned it into my studio. It's a place for painting, sewing, sculpting, crafting, photographing, and basically the perfect place for someone as all over the place as myself. I've been going very hard on the costume side as of late. A lot of people want them from me, and I've really been improving. So I guess I've got that going for me.