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  • Costuming Craze

    It looks like I'll be heading into a costuming frenzy these next few weeks. 

    Not that my life isn't usually a costuming frenzy, but, this will be a bit more extreme

    In January the Carnegie Mellon University Shcool of Drama will be hosting Dance Lights, a collaborative performance between the lighting department, costume department, and student choreographers. I somehow managed to worm myself into costume design classes this year, and was hence allowed to design for one of the performances. I'll be making the costumes for my piece over this holiday break, so that's 5 costumes to make. 

    I also picked up 3 commissions over the fall that I said I would construct over the break as well. 

    One month, 8 costumes? Bring it on. 

    I did go get the swatches today for my commission pieces though. It was a hectic adventure, but my swatch sheets are done.