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  • On A Fresh Start

    I haven't really written a blog entry in years.

    Not like, this is an old blog that's being brough back. But just, I haven't posted long declarations of my inner musings for some time.

    Mayebe this will do me some good. Who knows?

    All I do know is, I have one semester left at Carnegie Mellon University before I'm sent out into the "real world". And it's about time I figure out what my contribution to the world is to be. 

    I started making to-do lists this summer, they'd be taped to the side of my bed so I could keep track of how much work I was accomplishing. I'm not one for usually following a plan, but at least hacking things away with a thick black sharpie was motivation enough for me to continue working. 

    I got out of the habbit when I returned to CMU in August, maybe that's why I wasn't as productive as I had hoped. But being back home again, if only for a bit, made me want to get back into the swing of things. The new 6 pages were added last night, and are what I wish to accomplish before I return to Pittsburgh in January.